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It was Children In Need Day today and as the theme was spots, and as the World Cup also looms, Oldfield Brow ran a shoot out from the penalty 'spot'. Mr Smith went in goals, and the children who managed to get a ball past him won a sweet. Thanks to everyone who made donations to Children in Need!! And thanks to Mr Smith who went in goal for both Year 5 classes!

Everyone is enjoying learning to play handball  on Wednesdays with our expert coach Tom. He is teaching us the importance of using space well, of dribbling to find a partner to throw to and to move fast to avoid defenders.

As historians this week, we worked in teams to consider the high and low points of the Vikings quest to take over Britain. We created Living Graphs to show that they did not always pose a threat to the Anglo-Saxons who ruled before they arrived.

We were excited to have a double science lesson this week as we began to investigate changes of materials - in particular, solubility. First, we carefully observed a range of different materials to see whether they would dissolve in water and then we took our investigations further with one particular solute - sugar. Groups independently investigated whether the type of sugar used would affect the speed at which it dissolved, ensuring fair testing and clear variables. Well done Year 5!


Writing homework has now been made available in the downloads this week and reflects all things magical with a touch of Potter, just like our classroom at the moment. The children have written new chapters for JK Rowling this week and have loved developing characters through dialogue and animal based imagery! You will have to ask them about Mr Dursley's malfunctioning typewriter!

On Friday, for Remembrance, there was a special assembly led by GForce. This week the children each created Poppies in art and their poppies have been incorporated into a piece of shared commemorative art. In Design Technology, work has begun on the design process for a pop up Christmas Card to send to the elderly, later in the term.

In history, pupils in 5RC learnt about how place names around Britain actually show us that Vikings did settle and trade here in the UK and where. As scientists, we helped Mr Nutter select the best material for new cleaning cloths for the school. The children are developing their scientific investigative skills and applying them to real life problems.


In maths, we have been looking at multiplication and division, learning about factors, multiples, primes, square numbers, cube numbers as well as multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. 

We will be tweaking our reading Padlet very soon to hopefully make some improvements so for now, so look out for more updates on this over the coming few days.


***Reading Challenge Sponsorship Deadline

extended to Friday 11.11.22 by popular demand!***


It was wonderful to meet so many parents last week during our Parents' Evenings. Thanks so much for joining me. I hope you found them useful. I'm so proud of all the members of 5RC. They have been working so hard!

We've started an exciting second Autumn Term in the run up to our festive holidays. In reading and history, we'll continue our exciting Viking topic working with 'Viking Boy' and other connected texts. Last week, we took a look at why Vikings had such a sterotypical, fearsome reputation and at range of artefacts which could be used to show they were more than just raiders. This coming week, we'll dip into the origins of many Viking place names and take a look at the highs and lows of the long Viking occupation. In Maths, we've been leaping ahead looking at multiples, factors and prime numbers and next week will consider square and cube numbers. There's never been a better time for practising your TTRockstar skills to support learning in class. If you haven't practised for a while, we recommend challenging a friend to a game!!

In our writing lessons, we are being inspired by the magical world of Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. We've already taken a look at JK Rowling's wonderful vocabulary and practised relative clauses and speech punctuation using the book for inspiration; we've even expanded noun phrases for new sweet creations for Bertie Bott's sweet shop! Next week, we begin work on a new chapter for JK. We've linked reading homework this week looking at a different wizard - Merlin!

Year 5 has been delighted to begin PE lessons with our coach in Handball this term. In our first lesson, in addition to practising throwing and catching, we learnt about how we should move about the space bouncing the ball and how fast we have to move. As scientists during our first week back, we looked at some different properties of materials - electrical conductivity and insulation - testing a variety of materials to identify the best for electrical cablings and insulation outdoors and next week will be faced with a real science problem to solve. Meanwhile, Year 5 continue to work hard on their coding skills with Mr Smith. Well done everyone!


21.10.22 - Half-Term Sponsored Read

To celebrate and encourage a lifelong love of reading at home and school, we are running a sponsored read over half term 22/10/22-30/10/22. 
The project is being organised in conjunction with our local Usborne Partner, and all the money raised will go towards brand new books for our school. In addition to the sponsorship money, Usborne will also donate up to 60% of the total raised in EXTRA FREE BOOKS to the school. So, for every £600 raised, we will get an extra £360 in FREE Usborne books! 
We always aim to beat our last year’s target which was £1000 in sponsor money with Usborne donating an additional £600 of books for free if our target is met. This will give us a total of £1600 to spend on new books and resources for our children. 
Please help us to enhance our reading resources for pupils by encouraging your child to spend a small amount of time each day either reading to themselves, to others, or being read to. They can read books, comics, magazines, newspapers, menus, websites, recipes, poems, leaflets, instructions – anything with words!  For younger children in EYFS they can listen to the adult read their books and that still counts. 
The class who have the most recorded minutes will win an extra free book and a small treat! All children will receive a certificate for taking part. 
If you are able to support our sponsored read, please find on the reverse a sponsorship form and an extra reading log for your child if they wish to use it to record their reading.  Please send any money in a named envelope with the class name and the amount raised alongside the forms by Friday 4th November. 


5RC you are amazing. Following on from our successful assembly last week, you have continued to work incredibly hard. We finished our new chapters for Tony Bradman's Viking Boy, worked hard to complete our latest work on addition and subtraction and ended the week on a 'spooktacular' high celebrating not only Halloween but also all things Viking in our Friday art lessons. We developed our drawing skills using black ink (creating Viking longboats) and learnt how to sketch Viking portraits in pencil. The class have also been developing their coding skills with Mr Smith during their computing lessons. 

Have a well-earned rest and enjoy curling up with a good book, maybe raising money for our sponsored reading challenge at the same time. Spelling lists will go live next Friday. Happy holidays!


We're really proud of the new Year 5 Sports Leaders from 5RC - Lara and Oliver. Today, OFB's Mr Evans organised for our Sports Leaders to attend the first day of their Trafford Sports Leaders course. The event was hosted at Old Trafford cricket ground. Together with two children from 5FB, they met the talent manager of the women’s team; practised their cricket skills; and sat in the home team’s seats in the changing rooms. Our Sports Leaders then went on the home team’s balcony; found Jos Butler’s (England mens' captain) helmet; visited the media centre; and started work on their tasks for the year.


Don't miss this week's writing homework - we've included a fun video clip and challenged you to use all of the skills we've been developing in our writing lessons. Enjoy! Our padlet question has been updated. Please log your reading this week.

To consolidate this terms spelling patterns this term, I include them here for you to reflect on everything you have learnt:

Week 1


Words ending in '-tious' and '-ious'

Week 2

Words with the prefix 'in' meaning not

Words ending in '-cious'

Week 3

Words with prefixes 'il', 'im', 'ir'

Words ending in '-cial'

Week 4

Words with the prefix 'sub'

Words ending in '-tial'

Week 5

Words with the prefix 'inter'

Words ending in '-tial' and '-cial'

Week 6

Challenge words


Congratulations Hive Five on an excellent performance this afternoon in our Celebration Assembly, including your a cappella version of Living on a Prayer. I'm really proud of everyone's contribution and all of your parents and carers seemed thrilled to learn about everything we have been doing this term.

Congratulations to our Reading Champion - Vera, our Citizen of the Week - Eddie and our Well Done certificate winner - Yutong. We were all thrilled to hear Oliver won the Head Teacher's award too - well done Oliver!

We had another busy week, finishing our self portraits and as scientists testing different properties of materials. We've begun to expand our knowledge of column addition and subtraction in maths and in English we have begun writing our own Chapter 2 for Tony Bradman's Viking Boy using figurative language.


This week we have been enjoying making festive designs for cards supported by the Friends of Oldfield Brow. We have been learning how to blend colours, design using bleeding tissue paper art and add finishing touches with fine black pen. Our festive designs are seasonal, but not religeous, so we hope everyone can enjoy them. Each one is unique, pretty special and made with love. Look out for them in your child's bag before they get crumpled :).

In Maths, we have continued our work on place value and have spent time learning about how to round numbers.  Please practise this some more at home by completing this week's homework!  Also, it would be great to see more children having a go on TT Rockstars and trying to improve their speed.

In English, we have been reading Viking Boy and Norse Myths and Legends, which have become very bloodthirsty and gory already.  We have learned about subordinate and relative clauses and the pupils have written some fantastically descriptive sentences. As historians, we've learnt how the Vikings made longships and written explanation texts about them as well as finding out more about Viking runestones and writing our own names with these ancient symbols.

As material scientists, we've begun investigations into the suitability of different materials for a food preparation surface, getting to grips with the concept that materials have a range of properties that scientists and engineers can use to find the best material for a job.


This week's homework documents are saved in the downloads section on this page.  The link to our padlet page is on the homework planner so please add your contribution 5RC! We're delighted with the reading community being created via our 5RC Padlet and in the classroom. If you've not posted this week, be sure to post before bedtime tonight.

Here are a couple of posts from this week:

Don't forget to watch out for next week's main question ready from Saturday morning: what does your book remind you of (could be another book, a movie, a memory or personal experience) and why?




How have you celebrated National Poetry Day? Have you shared a favourite poem with a friend? There are lots of ideas on the National Poetry Day website if you want to explore ideas further at home or share a poem or two.

In year 5 today, we enjoyed creating poetry linked to our current topic Vikings; to be more precise, we created Viking Preposition Poems.

Here are a couple from Oliver and Jacob:

The Fearsome Warriors

Across the lands of Valhalla,

Through the magnificent North Sea,

Above the sacred mountains,

Behind the abandoned village,

Along the damp cave,

Inside the powerful longship,

The fearsome warriors arrived.


The Brave Young Viking

Within the deathly Ginnungagap,

Next to the rotting corpse of Hel,

Behind the savage dragon of Nidhog,

Over the sacred Mountain Range of Jotunheim,

Into the Fountain of Mimir,

Across the rainbow bridge of Bifrost,

Through the doors of Asgard,

After the tragic death of Balder,

To the end of the world,

The quest took the brave young Viking.


Another busy day with lots of maths and spelling practice today. Well done everyone!

Please check out the homework guidelines in the Downloads along with the pictures for this week's 15 minute writes. We're sticking with our Viking theme this week.

We're learning Living on a Prayer by Bon Jovi in music this term and hope to sing it to during our class assembly. Please practise at home - there are lyrics readily available online.


We're still buzzing with our visit to see Cressida Cowell. Our pupils have been inspired to draw and write for pleasure today, inspired by Cressida's childhood days of dragon hunting...


Well done Tallis and Lara for sharing great examples!


What an amazing visit we had to see Cressida Cowell (the famous author of the 'How to Train your Dragon' series) launch her new books at Stockport Plaza today. She told us lots about the characters in her new book as well as lots of tips for writing. We learnt about her childhood, with summers spent on an island off Scotland where she hunted for dragons in the cliffs. Her advice was to follow in her footsteps and enjoy writing and drawing for the sheer pleasure of it, right now in primary school - to keep our own notebooks for research and ideas. The creation of our own dragons was strongly recommended and so, utterly inspired, we changed our plans and that's exactly what we did this afternoon. We'll be adding the finishing touches to our dragons in the morning and look forward to writing about them. Perhaps we'll send her a copy or two! A few of us were lucky to be invited to meet her just before we caught the bus and managed to ask a few questions.




Happy European Languages Day! We enjoyed croissants and pain au chocolat after break in celebration of our European neighbours this morning and discovered some children regularly enjoy this French breakfast treat.

There were some fabulous costumes and Nihira from our class won a runner up prize - well done! As part of our languages lesson, we learnt how to say hello in several languages and talked about how many different languages we spoke as a class (all were surprised to discover that we know 15!) 5RC learnt the colours of the rainbow in French, Italian and Spanish.

Pupils looked at and discussed similarities and differences between them and talked about how the Romans had influenced certain parts of Europe with Latin resulting in similarities in the Romance languages. Then we learnt the rainbow song in French. Here's the link:




It was lovely to meet so many of you this week at our 'Meet the Teacher' event. If you were unable to attend, I have uploaded a copy of the presentation into our Downloads section for you to browse through. Please get in touch either via email or at home time. I hope to meet more of you during parents evenings later in the year.

If you've not already heard, we're going to Stockport Plaza on Wednesday to see Cressida Cowell, author of How To Train Your Dragon', at the launch of her new book - Which way to anyhwere. Years 4 and 5 are buzzing with excitement. Please ensure you update your photograph permissions with the school office, as we'll be taking lots of photographs during the visit. If you've not signed up yet, please purchase your child's ticket via parent pay. There is also an option to buy a signed book. If you have any difficulties with Parent Pay, please let the school office know as we will have to confirm numbers with the venue on Monday.

We've had a busy if shorter week. The children are working hard to meet expectations and have this week begun work with our new handwriting scheme - Letter-join. They have carefully practised letter formation and strived to use their learning to improve their handwriting during lessons. If you'd like more information about how we teach handwriting or about our presentation expectations, please take a look at our Handwriting and Presentation Policy in the Downloads on our Literacy Webpage: https://www.oldfield-brow.com/info/literacy/

This week, we used the book 'I'm perfectly Designed' to inspire writing. 5RC planned, drafted, edited and very neatly wrote up a set of instructions to write a recipe to create a version of themselves as part of our Identity Unit. Within just a week, we are seeing improvements to handwriting for many children and it would be great if when completing homework, you could encourage them to take pride in their presentation too (as many parents and carers clearly already are.) We have been just as busy in maths looking at Place Value including the Power of 10 and writing numbers in words.

The first week of our Book Buzz Reading Records on Padlet has proved extremely popular. Thanks to everyone who has posted, but if it is to replace our reading records as a measure of reading throughout the week, we need everyone to take part, even if you only record briefly once per week. I will email separately with the link. Instructions for use are in our Homework Planner in the Downloads which also includes an overview of homework for the coming week. Congratulations to everyone who has made an excellent start with our new homework format. New homework has been sent out this week including writing numbers in words for maths and an exciting VIPERS reading comprehension. Whilst English and Maths homework is essential, please don't forget the optional, more topic based, homework. It would be wonderful to adorn the classroom with some homemade Viking shields.

We enjoyed celebrating everyone's homework submissions this week with double homework dojos!! Several of our dojo eggs have been hatched and we ran out of time to hatch all, so there's much to look forward to next week.



It's 'Meet the Teacher' evening at 6pm today (Tuesday 20th September) at Oldfield Brow. We hope to see many of you there and will post the PPT from the evening afterwards.


Well done 5RC for an incredibly successful week. We've tackled some challenging reading skills when looking at the Name Jar this week, including considering authorial choices, prediction and inference skills. Following the wonderful homework that came after the weekend, we wrote the story of our names into our own name jar outlines and in art used optical illusion techniques to create really effective names to display with them. In Paths/RSE we  have created our own Name Jar for Pupil of the Week and have continued to explore identity and our rights as individuals - to be who we want to be. We have expressed ourselves through poetry and begun a special piece of writing - creating a recipe to recreate ourselves. We'll share more in our class assembly in October. In PE, Mr Smith begun two units this week - Netball and Invasion Games. In Music he is also working on a song that we hope to share with you in our assembly. 5RC proved very quick to learn Roman Numerals and we have now begun Year 5 practice of Place Value, including rounding numbers.

Please update your photograph sharing preferences with the school office. We like to be able to show you learning in action as much as possible.



Tonight, I emailed you with news of a wonderful trip to Stockport Plaza to see the wonderful Cressida Cowell (author of How To Train Your Dragon) launch her latest book: Which way to anywhere.

We apologise for the short notice, but seized this opportunity to enable children in Year 4 and 5 to meet someone very special, and potentially get their own signed copy hot off the press. Please check your email and get back in touch ASAP.



As a school, we acknowledge the importance of homework in supporting and consolidating the work completed by children at school, whilst at the same time appreciating the demands of modern day living. Optional Chatterday activities have been extremely popular so we have retained these in Year 5. These activities are designed to provide you with some talking points, can be fun to complete together and offer an insight into the wider curriculum. However, to provide more structure and regular practice of essential English and maths skills, we are now introducing weekly tasks in Year 5. Children will be encouraged to complete the homework, but we appreciate that, for some children and families, it is not always compatible with the busy modern-day family. For this reason, children will not be penalised if the homework is not completed. Reading, multiplication and spellings are still expected to be focused on daily, so we would ask you to prioritise those if time is short. We hope that this gives parents the option to choose the amount of homework that suits their child and family situation. We are keen to work with you to keep raising standards and we hope that this will give some families the extra resources to do this. Full details of homework for each year groups will be discussed at the forthcoming Curriculum Evenings and we will be pleased to answer any questions then.

Today, we explained that a Year 5 Homework planner had been drawn up to support their homework organisation. We sent home a printed version of the planner just for the first week, and you can also find a copy in our downloads. To save paper, we'll include future planners just in the Downloads. They have a new orange homework book with passwords for various online resources inside. Please use these for Maths and English homework. This week, they have 2 fifteen minute writing activities to complete and a worksheet about Roman Numerals. We also looked at our new, shared online Book Buzz Reading Record. We are the first class in KS2 to begin using Padlet, but the plan is to introduce the new fun Reading Record across KS2. I demonstrated how to add a post to our shared Padlet in class. It is intended to be lots of fun. Children have instructions in their bags, but if you have any difficulties at all, please assure the children that we are all learning a new way of working together and that they will not be in trouble if things do not go to plan. Everyone in 5RC knows that I am a presentation pest. We have set very high expectations for presentation of homework, to work with you to improve standards. Don't forget to check the Downloads Section for specific homework.



What a fabulous first week back we've had. The children have settled quickly into new routines and are demonstrating excellent learning behaviour and respect. As mathematicians today, they quickly got to grips with Roman Numerals up to 100 and have been trying hard to ensure neat presentation in their books. This morning, we had lots of fun working in groups to sort different types of nouns as we began working on our year 5 grammar.

In PATHS this week, we spent time as a class deciding what rules were important to us, and respect and kindess and celebration of difference for all around us featured strongly.

Everyone has so far enjoyed our first book, the Name Jar. This afternoon, we developed our inference skills, using clues from the text and the illustrations, as well as what we know from are own experience, to write detailed responses to the story. I'm sure if you ask them, they will share their views on Unhei, and how she felt joining a new school after travelling from Korea. In our English lesson, we created Identity Maps following our reading, to explore what makes us who we are. Everyone thought deeply about the things they like and other elements of their identity. Next week, we'll write poems about ourselves using our identity maps, and write the story of our names using the homework research they have been asked to complete. It will be an important part of us all celebrating who we are and that it is good to be unique.

On our first day, the children were set the challenge of finding our more about the origin and the story of their names from family. Well done to everyone who has already done the research and brought it back to school. All homework earns 5 dojos on Fridays. If your child has not yet completed their homework, their sheet should be in their bag and I hope this helps them remember what we asked them to find out:

Your child has brought home a reminder of their Spelling Shed logins and their first week of spellings have now been posted. Please practise for a test next Friday. Reading books have also been selected by the class. For many children this term, we are going to trial a new system of recording weekly reading, which we will share with you very shortly. In the meantime, we would be grateful if you could encourage them to read a book of choice for at least 20 minutes every evening and bring in their copies of 100 Books distributed last term, to share their love of reading and summer reads.

5RC, have a wonderful weekend's rest (you have earned it) and we look forward to more learning next week.

Mrs Chetwyn, Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Flute

Currently reading Julia and the Shark by Kiran Millwood Hargreave

Welcome to the brand new classes in year 5

The Year 5 team can't wait to invite you back to our classrooms.  We are going to kick start our year, and get to know one another better, by exploring our own identities in RSE/PATHS lessons and in English and art - thinking about the origins of our names and what makes us unique. Learning will be supported by a beautiful book:

Soon after we'll charge ahead with an exciting cross-curricular topic all about Vikings where History, Art and English blur into one. It's one of my favourite topics and I cannot wait to start teaching you all about the young Viking - Gunnar - and his quest! Many of you saw the books we'll be using to support our learning during this topic at our open evening and when you visited the classroom at the end of the year:

Maths will begin with the fun unit of Roman Numerals followed by place value and as scientists we'll be learning all about the properties of materials.

Enjoy the rest of the summer holidays, and we look forward to welcoming you back on Wednesday 7th September! 

Mrs Chetwyn, Mrs Bowes, Mrs Whitehead and Mrs Flute


For 6SB

5RC 21-22 had a fabulous year. Mrs Whitehead and I will miss them, and feel priviledged to have been a small part of their primary learning journey. Their performances in the Summer Show were fantastic and brought much enjoyment as we celebrated a successul final term in Year 5. They worked so hard throughout the year and deserve lots of credit for their many achievements, as I hope was evident from their pupil reports and the conversations many of us had at the end of the year.

Year 6SB, I hope that you have all had a wonderful and fun-packed summer holiday and are fresh and ready to begin your final year with Mr Butler. I hope you've read a book or two as well! May Mrs Whitehead and I say a huge heartfelt thanks to both you and your families for the kind wishes, cards and thoughtful gifts presented to us at the end of the year. Very best of luck in the new school year with Mr Butler, but I look forward to hearing all about your holidays when I see you next too.

Mrs C


Best wishes,

Mrs Chetwyn


Currently reading Julia and the Shark by Kiran Millwood Hargreave



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