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Talk about timing!! The day after our Entrance Exam presentation we have received details from the Trafford Consortium about important dates for open evenings and exam dates. Please note the Application Form, and information on the Consortium Testing will be available from 1st June 2020, via the school websites, with a deadline for ALL applications being noon on 25th June 2020.  Please find the flyer containing information in the downloads section.

Later in the year we will be studying genre of Gothic writing.  One of the items we will study is 'The Phantom of the Opera'.  We are not organising a trip but as a head's up, it is coming to the Palace Theatre in Manchester from the end of March to the end of May.  Let me know if you attend, I would love to hear your review. 

Week Commencing  20th January 2020

Well done to everyone who has contributed to our Build A Book so far, it is wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which the work has been created and also presented to the class.  We have had entries in already for our very exciting 500 word story competition too - keep them coming ! :-)

Monday saw both classes jumping on the tour bus once more, this time our destination was Safety Central in Lymm.  We took part in a carousel of ever changing activities, all of which saw the children actively engaged in learning how to keep themselves safe: at home, on the net, out and about or in their bodies and minds.  I'm not quite sure how we managed to squeeze it all in!  The children had a fantastic time and were an absolute credit.  My heart was full to bursting when several of the rangers stopped me on numerous occassions to compliment the children on both their behaviour and enthusiasm!  Well done, Year 5!

Thank you to everyone who attended the 11+ meeting on Monday evening.  I hope we have answered any questions you may have had.  Please feel free to forward any others which may have arisen since our meeting.  As detailed above, the presentation and and information flyer are listed in our download documents section.

Our portraits are now completed and are displayed outside our classrooms.  Each class judged the art from the other, so judgements were made on the art, rather than freindship groups etc, and we now have 8 delighted members of Year 5 who have been invited to Stockport Grammar School to take part in the event. 

Our friends from Altrincham Grammar School for Boys 6th Form joined us again on Wednesday, and helped run a school wide project whereby we looked at how a lack of control influences how we draw.  Sticking with the portrait theme, we had a piece of paper on the floor but could only draw using a pencil on the end of a very long garden cane.  Thank you to all the children who took part, the portraits will shortly be displayed so everyone can see the results.  

In English, we have discovered that picture books are not always for little children!  Shaun Tan has challenged our thinking, and left us with more questions than answers.  We have looked at setting, and taken particular notice of how art from other people has been utilised to expand and illustrate the stories themes.

Maths has had us dividing single digit numbers which have remainders, and also spotting quick methods which allow to know if there will be remainders (e.g.  318 divided by 6  will not have remainders, 3 +1+8=12, which will divide by 6, but 319 divided by 6 will, because 3+1+9=13, which wont divide by 6) Have fun playing with this :-)

We threw parachutes (made by us) out of the window - all in the name of Science!  It was a lot of fun and we learnt a lot about air resistance and gravity.

Our PE days, while we have the coaches will be Monday and Tuesday, please could I ask that all PE kit is in school for these days. Thank you.

Please, please, please encourage your children to practise their times tables.  Particularly now our work is focussing on multiplication and division, times tables knowledge is invaluable for confidence. It will also be a key element of our upcoming work with fractions.  Thank you so much to those of you who I know are reminding and helping ypur children at home, the difference really shows.

Mrs Brownsell, Mrs Thornton, Ms Beatty and Mrs Whitehead

Learning Goals - Spring Term

There is so much to look forward to this term. We will be jumping onto the Year 5 tour bus once more, this time heading out to Lymm Safety Central.  This is a fantastic opportunity for us to remind/ educate ourselves on how to keep ourselves safe and healthy, in environments ranging from kitchens, to canal paths, substations, supermarkets, online and trainlines! 

After the half term, we will be undertaking the magnificent adventure that is our visit to the John Rylands Library. This compliments our learning during our Gothic writing theme, and while at the library we will be viewing Gothic architecture, creating our own written piece in our workshop experience, then taking the opportunity to do some drawing and sketching in the magnificent reading room. 


We will be looking at place value, and using it to underpin our learning in multiplication and division. We will look at fractions and how we can use equivalence to aid our understanding and manipulation of values.  We will see how fractions are another way of expressing division, then work with adding and subtracting fractions, before moving onto multiplying fractions.  Throughout, we will use word problems to extend our confidence and understanding.  Having got comfortable with fractions, we will work with different ways of expressing the same values, namely decimals and percentages before concluding our learning with converting between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Throughout the year, we will constantly be applying our learning to real world problems.


We will be looking at personification for our initial poetry work, using a cross-curricular theme of Extreme Earth to help inform our writing, then create our own piece of writing in the genre of fantasy.  Still working within the theme of Extreme Earth, we will consider what it is like to be an explorer, and use our learning to create non-chronological handbooks and reference pieces about a chosen theme.After half term, we will embark on an author study where we consider JK Rowling, and then finish the term with a delve into the intriguing world of Gothic writing.

A key development in Year 5 is the ability to self-assess and improve work so we will be enhancing our skills of editing and improving our work. We do daily independent reading, and children are welcome to bring in their own books.


The Chatterday homework options will shortly be sent home.  Myself and Mrs Chetwyn have been absolutely blown away by the standard of pieces which have been brought in for previous challenges.  Well done, everyone!  Don't forget, if your child wishes to do the Maths homework, the weekly challege sheets are available to collect from the classroom.

Weekly spellings will continue as normal, and children should be encouraged to read on a daily basis, with progress logged within their Reading Record book. (This book is also a useful method of communication for quick messages, so do please drop us a note if helpful).  Keep up with daily times tables practise and enjoy the Times Tables Rock Stars too - the confidence it gives your child, to be able to quickly solve basic arithmetic problems, cannot be measured when it comes to the trickier mathematical problems that we encounter in Year 5!

Mrs K Brownsell Mrs K BrownsellTeacher
Mrs J Whitehead Mrs J WhiteheadTeaching Assistant
Mrs M Thornton Mrs M ThorntonDesignated Support Assistant
Miss C Beatty Miss C BeattyDesignated Support Assistant
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