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Hello! Welcome to the Oldfield Brow music page.

Here you can find out about the wide variety of musical opportunities available both within the school day and after school. More than half of the children in our school take part in a form of extra musical education. This is something we, as a school are very proud about!

If you would like your child to begin learning an instrument then please speak to Miss Brash at any time. Lessons are booked in termly blocks so your child can begin at the start of a term. Termly payment requests are sent out and are available to download from this site. If you would like your child to stop having lessons please let Miss Brash know directly but please remember that payment for the current term will still be required.

Just before Christmas, we were very busy indeed with our school choir. We performed to over 600 people at three Carol Concerts and then all of Year 6 performed at Tesco's in Altrincham. If you are interested in joining the choir and you are in Year 2 or older, then we practice every Wednesday at 3.20 until 4.00. All you need is enthusiasm, commitment and to enjoy singing - we'll do the rest!


Our School Choir practice takes place every Wednesday after school in our school hall. We learn to sing a very varied selection of songs and we have performances of all descriptions throughout the year. Choir is open to any child from Yrs 2-6. Everyone is welcome.

(There is no weekly charge for this club)


Have you ever wanted to learn the guitar? Well, now is your chance! Lessons are taught in small groups and take place every Monday and Wednesday in our Arts building. Be sure to check the timetables carefully! We have guitars for loan from school or alternatively you may wish to begin learning on your own instrument if this is suitable. We recently purchased a new, top quality, range of guitars specially for our younger beginners. We now have a range of instrument to suit all ages (and arm lengths!) from Yr 2-6.

(Lessons cost £3.50 per week)

Ocarina Club


Ocarina club takes place on Tuesdays in Year 1 with Miss Brash. Playing the ocarina is easy. Just wear the cord around your neck to keep the ocarina handy and safe; breathe steadily into the mouthpiece to make your first sounds; and then cover or uncover the holes to change the sounds you make. Because the notes appear in both music and finger chart form, even the least musical mum or dad can have a go themselves, and can help their child to play accurately. Ocarinas are for everyone!
We perform at intervals througout the year and are really proud of our achievements.

(There is no weekly charge for this club)


The piano is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard. It is among one of the most popular instruments in the world. Our children learn to play on a top quality digital piano. The tone is amazing, and the types of music playable are endless. The piano is also an important foundation for all musicians, even if it is not their "main" instrument.

(Lessons cost £7.50 per week)


The recorder is a nifty little musical instrument. This predecessor of the flute has been around for hundreds of years. The modern plastic version is inexpensive and easy to care for. Soprano recorders are about a foot long; the finger holes are comfortably spaced-especially for children.
All music lessons take place in the Arts building and Mrs Brash teaches our recorder players. 2011 was the first year some our children have been entered for examinations! We currently have children working towards Grade 3!

(Standard lessons cost £3 per week)
(Grade 1, 2 and 3 prep lessons cost £5 per week)


The violin is mostly known for being used in classical music, but there have been performers who have begun composing more modern music for the violin. If you would like to learn to play the violin, you do not have to go out and buy an instrument; all the instruments we offer in school are available for loan. In a symphony orchestra the violin is the main melody instrument. It's a great instrument for a child to begin learning to play at an early age.

(Lessons are invoiced directly from Trafford Music Service. For more information please speak to Miss Brash).

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