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PE And Sports

At Oldfield Brow, we know that a healthy body gives us so much more too. Good habits are formed at an early age and all children at the school are encouraged to learn and enjoy a variety of healthy activities. We provide children from foundation stage to KS1 with fruit at snack time and adopt a 'healthy snacks' policy throughout the whole school. All children are encouraged to make informed decisions about the foods that they choose to eat. This also forms part of our P.S.C.H.E and Science curriculum throughout school.

Children throughout the school take part in daily activities which promote a healthy lifestyle.

In Key Stage 1, the children ‘Take Ten’ minutes between lessons to learn new skills which improve coordination and mental dexterity. We have also adopted 'Five-a-day' exercises which are short bursts of exercise built into the day to help children to reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity.

In Key Stage 2, the children use ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ activities as part of their morning routines. They have even made their own DVD which is being used in other schools around Trafford!

But we offer much more too... 
Thanks to government funding, sport provision at Oldfield Brow is continuing to grow. Our philosophy, 'PLAY better, PLAY time, PLAY new' outlines the areas that we are investing time and money in to help maximise children's involvement and enjoyment in sport. It has allowed us to join the TSSP, the Trafford School Sports Partnership, which gives children access to many exciting events and competitions. Children accross the school have lessons delivered by professional sports coaches on a weekly basis in addition to their other P.E lessons. On top of this children throuhgout their time at Oldfield Brow have the opportunity to take part in...

School football teams 
Sports Clubs 
Competitive sports day 
Trafford competitions

… The list is practically endless and covers both school curriculum sessions as part of our timetable as well as after school activities. Some of our sports premium is also used to pay for 'top-up' swimming lessons. At Oldfield brow our aim is to ensure that every child can swim 25m before they leave LKS2.

We know that children all have skills and like learning new games. Our job is to provide that opportunity for each and every one of them! 

We have been working at developing brand new skills too and in Year 6, children learn to ice-skate. Last year our 'Oldfield Olympics' team competed in a Winter Olympics with other school in the area in ice hockey, speed skating, curling and other winter sports. Our new team will do the same this Winter! Our younger children have also benefited too. LKS2 have been skateboarding - what an amazing time for them! In addition the Y4 class has had yoga sessions in school to help them to develop their stamina and control. Children who do not normally engage in sports loved these sessions! As a whole school we have taken part in a 'skipping for life' workshop and invested in a set of both individual and Double-Dutch skipping ropes for both KS1 and KS2 playgrounds. This is all part of our 'PLAY better, PLAY time, PLAY new ' initiative. 

At break time, dinner staff help organise games and sporting activities to make playtimes better too, which is benefiting all. During the year, dinner staff will mentor a crew of Y6 children who will help deliver a 'Change-4-Life' club at break times. This club will help children who do not engage as sports/physical activity as often to gain the confidence to become more active and also allow them to take part in activities that will develop improved teamwork and social skills. Watch out for your invite! 
Stay alert and watch out for the fantastic new changes being made to our school playground! A large portion of our Sport Premium funding went towards the new play area for the children.

After the success of our competitions last term, we have already signed up to take part in others throughout Trafford and will again this term, compete in sports against other schools! 

Watch the space above, as well as the News & Events page to find details of up-coming events and competitions to see how well we've done!

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