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Autumn 2 is proving to be a very exciting one up in the dizzy heights of Year 6!

We had a fabulous visit to Pizza Express to learn about traditional pizza making and the Italian culture, and attended a workshop at The Lowry, where we learned about perspective drawing and LS Lowry's life. The children enjoyed eating their pizza afterwards, and taking a walk around Media City.

We had our very first 'Silent Teacher Day' this half term - a day where the teachers in Year 6 did not communicate in any way with the children from 9am - 3.00pm! Throughout the day myself and Miss Burney (as well as the rest of the school staff!) carefully observed children administering tests, taking themselves to break and assemblies, choosing leaders for different activities and organising 'Round Robin' acivities themselves based on what we were studying. It was hard for the children to organise themselves and put into action all we had learned about teamwork, co-operation, democracy and leadership - but they did us proud! Although they were very keen for us to start speaking, and there was a few occasions where the children found it challenging, at the end of the day when we duscussed the day, they all felt that their 'uncomfortable' feelings had all turned to a sense of achievement, accomplishment and success. They also learned a few things about themselves and others. A very valuable learning experience for us all!

In Literacy we have begun our whole class book - Holes - which is being used to develop grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and comprehesion amongst other things. The children are loving being able to write in the books, marking evidence and information and highlighting the use of punctuation without having to write pages in their books. 

In Maths we have moved into Fractions and Decimals and will be basing our work around 'Power Maths' - which focuses on deepening understanding and mastery. We are also enjoying 'BARVEMBER' which is based on the use of Bar Modelling as a tool to solve complex problems.

Our topic is ''Crime and Punishment' to fit with our class book - and this is being delivered by Miss MAther, who is working with us from MMU, completing her PGCE in Education.

We are learning about a lot of World Religions; in particular, discussing the question 'Should money be given to Art and Architecture or charity?'

Miss L Thornton Miss L ThorntonTeacher
Miss K Burney Miss K BurneyTeaching Assistant
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Pizza Express! Pizza Express!
Pizza Express! Pizza Express!
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