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Week Commencing  2nd December 2019

Our classroom is looking very festive as some of the children helped decorate our Christmas tree, and very jolly it is looking too!  Our signed Christmas songs are coming along nicely and the chocolate advent calendar has gone down a dream ! :-)

There were some very strange sightings above Oldfield Brow this week - during English we noticed strange, metallic and shiny spots of mystery in the sky.  This is helping our recount skills for our UFO sightings immensely.

In Maths, we have used inverse operations to help us with our number manipulations and to check our work.  We have been multiplying and dividing 10s, 100s and 100s, paying particular attention to the place value columns that the numbers are placed in.  We don't 'bounce the decimal point', although this is quick method of doing it, because the decimal point never moves, it is the numbers which change column, and doing it this way ensures we have a firm grasp on how the values alter.  Next week, we move onto perimeter, 'perimeter is easy to find, just add up the lengths, around the outside'. (Ask the children to sing this to you).

Wednesday night was a terrific night for members of the choir.  We shared the event with a number of other schools and bands.  We once again rocked the roof of the Manchester Cathedrale, with Mr Merrell whipping the crowd into a frenzy for our finale song -the Twelve Days of Christmas!  

Learning Goals

There is so much to look forward to this term. We enhanced our historical learning with a visit to Tatton Park, and got a taste of what life was like for evacuee children.  This tied in with our class reader, Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo.  


We will be looking at place value, and using it to underpin our learning in addition and subtraction. We will look at data in graphs and tables, then change topic to consider multiplication and division before moving to area and perimeter.

Throughout the year, we will constantly be applying our learning to real world problems.


Our fiction work will incorporate adventure stories using the theme of myths and legends. We will entertain using performance poetry as well as expressing preferences regarding haikus, kennings and limericks and will also create a variety of pieces within the theme of science fiction.

A key development in Year 5 is the ability to self-assess and improve work so we will be enhancing our skills of editing and improving our work. We do daily independent reading, and children are welcome to bring in their own books.


The Chatterday homework options have now been sent home, and already some amazing work has come in to be shared!  Don't forget, if your child wishes to do the Maths homework, the weekly challege sheets are available to collect from the classroom.

Weekly spellings will continue as normal, and children should be encouraged to read on a daily basis, with progress logged within their Reading Record book. (This book is also a useful method of communication for quick messages, so do please drop us a note if helpful).  Keep up with daily times tables practise - the confidence it gives your child, to be able to quickly solve basic arithmetic problems, cannot be measured when it comes to the trickier mathematical problems that we encounter in Year 5!

Mrs K Brownsell Mrs K BrownsellTeacher
Mrs J Whitehead Mrs J WhiteheadTeaching Assistant
Mrs M Thornton Mrs M ThorntonDesignated Support Assistant
Miss C Beatty Miss C BeattyDesignated Support Assistant
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