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Week Commencing 14th October 2019

Oh my goodness, where has the first half term gone?  It has absolutely flown by and I am so proud of everything that 5KB have achieved. Each member of the class has settled into the new routines of a Year 5 class, and have shown increasing maturity week on week.  

We have created some fantastic writing in our non-chrological reports.  The children created their own aliens and used this as a vehicle to showcase their skills in using prepositional and adverbial phrases, brackets and relative clauses.

In Maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction of 4 digit numbers, paying particular attention to the value of the columns when we need to 'steal from next door' in subtraction, or carry across in addition.  

The children who attended the Halloween disco told me they had a marvelous time, many thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this such a fun event.

We had our Harvest assembly this week, and as a change from the norm, Key Stages 1 and 2 had separate presentations.  There were so many interesting ideas raised by the children of KS2.  5KB shared what we had learnt about food banks, and sang a lovely song about sharing.

The next half term brings so many treats and experiences: a wellbeing walk, trips to two senior schools AND Tatton Hall, plus the excitement of Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. How will we fit everything in?

I look forward to seeing many of you at our parent-teacher meetings shortly after we return, and in the meantime - have a wonderful half term holiday!


Learning Goals

There is so much to look forward to this term. We will enhance our scientific learning with a trip to Jodrell Bank, a highlight of which is always the inflatable planetarium. There is of course, harvest festival and the first class assembly of 5KB.


We will be looking at place value, and using it to underpin our learning in addition and subtraction. We will look at data in graphs and tables, then change topic to consider multiplication and division before moving to area and perimeter.

Throughout the year, we will constantly be applying our learning to real world problems.


Our fiction work will incorporate adventure stories using the theme of myths and legends. We will entertain using performance poetry as well as expressing preferences regarding haikus, kennings and limericks and will also create a variety of pieces within the theme of science fiction.

A key development in Year 5 is the ability to self-assess and improve work so we will be enhancing our skills of editing and improving our work. We do daily independent reading, and children are welcome to bring in their own books.


The Chatterday homework options have now been sent home, and already some amazing work has come in to be shared!  Don't forget, if your child wishes to do the Maths homework, the weekly challege sheets are available to collect from the classroom.

Weekly spellings will continue as normal, and children should be encouraged to read on a daily basis, with progress logged within their Reading Record book. (This book is also a useful method of communication for quick messages, so do please drop us a note if helpful).  Keep up with daily times tables practise - the confidence it gives your child, to be able to quickly solve basic arithmetic problems, cannot be measured when it comes to the trickier mathematical problems that we encounter in Year 5!

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