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message from the headteacherNEW DATES FOR 2019 ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON 'UPCOMING EVENTS'.

Welcome back to a brand new term at Oldfield Brow. Please be aware that Friday 'Showing Assemblies' now begin at 2.40pm and not 2.30pm as advised in the list of dates sent home in September. Thank you.
Year 5
* Highlight of the Week *
*** Please see ebag for important information regarding the entrance exams, and a message regarding nasal flu vacination ***

18th January 2019
Wednesday certainly went with a bang! Years 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from Manchester University’s Chemistry department, and Emily and Fabio were fantastic at keeping us entertained, while still keeping the science relevant and accessible. We had expanding gases explosions, flying bottles, relighting spills, colour changing catalysts, frozen bananas, crumbling roses and volcanic mentoes to name but a few of what felt like hundreds of experiments. A very good time was had by all 

This was the week that Gillette launched their ‘Best a Man Can Be’ advert. As a class, we discussed the phenomenal affect media can have people, and also why we thought people were reacting the way they were. It was interesting to note that even during our lesson time 7k more people had disliked the video on YouTube, while only 5K had liked it. Individually, we recorded whether we liked the advert and why, whether we thought it had been successful now, and also made a prediction for Gillette for the future. It will be very interesting to compare our ‘time capsules’ with outcomes later in the year!

Please keep encouraging your child to read at home, and share the time together if possible. I have included a recommended list of a wide selection o reading material in our e-bag - there is sure to be something that will tickle everyone's fancy. :-)

Grammar School Entrance Exams Update

*** Please check in our e-bag for the latest information regarding the timetable for those interested in Grammar school for Year 7 and beyond.***

Loreto, St Ambrose and Altrincham Boys will continue to use either GL or their own in-house exams.

PE Kit - the weather doesn't seem to know it is Spring yet, and as PE does take place outside, please ensure your child has tracksuit/ jogging bottoms and a jumper, please. (Indoor kit, which is the same as outdoor, plus the warmer layers, is a house t-shirt, black shorts and trainers/ black pumps).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in-touch. Either come and see me before or after school, send a message for me to call you, or email the school for my attention.

Dip into the E-BAG!
In the e-bag (to the right of the page) you will find useful documents that we will add to over the year.

**** Stop Press ****
Following feedback from parents, a user guide for grammar in Year 5 has been added to the ebag :-)
I have also included a poster for the spellings for the half term. Sometimes getting to grips with the meaning of new words can be tricky. Playing word games where new sentences are made using the spelling word really helps the children, as it emphasises the context. (It can help pass the time when in the car as well :-)

A timetable for times tables!
Please check in the e-bag for our timetable of times tables. We will also be doing our Superheroes times tables on Mondays. We are making terrific progress, with some children already onto problem solving with times tables.

Ready and raring to go - Year 5 Class of 2018-19 !Poppies for display in school and TimperleyPortrait creatingAfter the first of our Daily Miles - still smiling :-)
Learning Goals
We have a very exciting term planned. We have a visit from the University of Manchester to show Years 4,5 and 6 and thrilling workshop about Solids, Liquids and Gases, and Year 5 are going on two trips! Our first will be the sensational Lymm Safety Central, where we will discover, via their amazing interactive facilities, how to keep ourselves safe. After half term, we have a trip to Tatton Park planned, where we will spend the day as evacuees on Tatton Park Farm.

This term, we will be taking all our knowledge acquired in the Autumn term and applying it to our understanding of more complex topics like perimeter and area, multiplication and division and also fractions. Knowing our times tables will help enormously this term as it will aid our speedy mathematical recall particularly in our fraction work as we develop our understanding of equivalence.

We will then finish the term by considering the different ways we can represent number and how decimals, percentages and fractions are actually different methods of expressing the same thing. We use lots of songs to help our learning in Year 5 - see which your children can teach you, and ask them to explain why we use the song to consolidate their understanding.

Throughout the year, we will constantly be applying our learning to real world problems.

Using our theme of 'Back to the Future' we are going to explore the impact that discoveries old and new have had on the world we live in. We will be considering these discoveries through explorers (local and further afield)and inventors who tie into our Science theme of Forces.

World Book day is coming up and what better excuse to explore performance poetry! I am sure the children will be super keen to rehearse their poems at home.

A key development in Year 5 is the ability to self-assess and improve work so we will be enhancing our skills of editing and improving our work. We do daily independent reading, and children are welcome to bring in their own books.

Hang on to your hats as we delve into the world of extreme weather! We will be discovering the many elements which shape our wonderful world, ( volcanoes, water distribution, earth quakes, tsunamis and other weather events).

After half term, the children will be investigating World War II. How did World War II change the way people lived? What was it like to be a child during this time?
There should be an average of 30 minutes spent each night on homework. if there any issues due to outside school commitments, please let me know so we can find a solution!
Homework will be issued on 4 nights: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. With the exception of Spellings homework which is due back on the following Thursday, each homework is due in on the next day.

Monday - Maths, due back on Tuesday
Tuesday - English Comprehension, due back in on Wednesday
Wednesday - English Punctuation/ Grammar, due back in on Thursday
Friday - Spellings (back in Thursday)

The homework will take the form of consolidation of subject matter covered in class, problem solving/ mental maths, or English comprehension.

Homework is a very important way of consolidating the work we are doing in school and is NOT optional!
Parents - Any help you may wish to give your children is welcomed. Please write on their homework if you have any notes/concerns/questions regarding it.
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