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message from the headteacherToday, many of the children had their first 'go' on the new wooden play equipment. By the looks upon their faces, they really enjoyed it!

Thank you to the PTA and all of their efforts into turning this dream into reality! Please support the PTA by purchasing your 'Beats n Eats' tickets on sale at the beginning and end of each day this week. Thank you
Year 5
* Highlight of the Week *


Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Curriculum Overview presentations this week. It was lovely to see you all. I have included a copy of the presentation within the E-bag, along with useful addresses for entrance exam information. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to let me know :-)

We have had two winners of our sports medals now. George for offering such positive encouragement to others, and Talia for being such a magnificent partner when she helped me deomonstrate the Skater's Waltz!

We are up and running with our Power Maths and have taken place value in our stride! Mrs Brownsell is also incredibly impressed with the written work we have created for our work on Daedalus and Icarus. Ask us the story - we would love to share it with you.

Please keep encouraging your child to read at home, and share the time together if possible. I have included a recommended list of a wide selection o reading material in our e-bag - there is sure to be something that will tickle everyone's fancy. :-)

Grammar School Entrance Exams Update

*** Please check in our e-bag for the latest information regarding the timetable for those interested in Grammar school for Year 7 and beyond.***

Loreto, St Ambrose and Altrincham Boys will continue to use either GL or their own in-house exams.

PE Kit - the weather doesn't seem to know it is Spring yet, and as PE does take place outside, please ensure your child has tracksuit/ jogging bottoms and a jumper, please. (Indoor kit, which is the same as outdoor, plus the warmer layers, is a white t-shirt, black shorts and trainers/ black pumps).

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in-touch. Either come and see me before or after school, send a message for me to call you, or email the school for my attention.

Dip into the E-BAG!
In the e-bag (to the right of the page) you will find useful documents/trip letters etc. that we will add to over the year.

**** Stop Press ****
Following feedback from parents, a user guide for grammar in Year 5 has been added to the ebag :-)
I have also included a poster for the spellings for the half term. Sometimes getting to grips with the meaning of new words can be tricky. Playing word games where new sentences are made using the spelling word really helps the children, as it emphasises the context. (It can help pass the time when in the car as well :-)

A timetable for times tables!
Please check in the e-bag for our timetable of times tables. We will also be doing our Superheroes times tables on Fridays. I'm delighted to say that 6 people have passed 'Batman' already (2,5 and 10 - quickfire, timed questions and problem solving)

Ready and raring to go - Year 5 Class of 2018-19 !
Learning Goals

This term we will really be getting to grips with the place value of digits in numbers up to 100,000. By the time we are done, our numbers will be HUGE, up 1,000,000. These skills will then be applied to larger value numbers in our addition and subtraction work, and later in the term, multiplication and division activities.

We will practise our skills in interpreting line graphs, tables and timetables, then finish the term by considering how we convert units of measurement, and work with measuring volume(stand by to hear lots of songs!).

Throughout the year, we will constantly be applying our learning to real world problems.

Using our theme of Ancient Greece we will embrace the genres of myths and legends as we discover who the ancient Gods of Greece were, and what they got up to - some were very naughty indeed! We will record the adventures of key characters in a newspaper report and take inspiration from the sources we read to write our own adventure stories. World Poetry day is coming up and what better excuse to explore performance poetry! I am sure the children will be super keen to rehearse their poems at home.

A key development in Year 5 is the ability to self-assess and improve work so we will be enhancing our skills of editing and improving our work. We do daily independent reading, and children are welcome to bring in their own books.

Hang on to your hats as we discover all things Ancient Greece!
The children have expressed an interest in what people ate, who the gods were, how things were different for children in Ancient Greece and also if they had any wars so we will be tailoring our learning to include these elements. Stand by for details of a very exciting workshop we will be taking part in, in October.

After half term, the children will be investigating Benin, and finding out how similar and different this African culture was to our own.
There should be an average of 30 minutes spent each night on homework. if there any issues due to outside school commitments, please let me know so we can find a solution!
Homework will be issued on 3 nights: Monday, Tuesday and Friday. With the exception of Spellings homework which is due back on the following Thursday, each homework is due in on the next day.

Monday - Maths, due back on Tuesday
Tuesday - English, due back in on Wednesday

The homework will take the form of consolidation of subject matter covered in class, problem solving/ mental maths, or English comprehension.

Friday - Spellings (back in Thursday)

Homework is a very important way of consolidating the work we are doing in school and is NOT optional!
Parents - Any help you may wish to give your children is welcomed. Please write on their homework if you have any notes/concerns/questions regarding it.
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