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message from the headteacherKey Diary Dates for this year are now available on the website. Please look within 'Policies and Information' to find out more.


Thank you!
Year 4 AT
Welcome to Year 4 AT!

Our webpage invites you to be a fly on the wall and lets you take a peek at some of the work we will be doing during our lessons this year! Make sure you access the e-bag for learning resources, useful web sites, homework help, letters and weekly homework.

Keep your eye out below to stay up to date with our top news!


Keep your eye on this section of the webpage for information on homework, trips and special events coming up throughout the half-term. Also keep checking the e-bag for letters and for an overview of our termly curriculum.

**Do not forget both indoor and outdoor PE kits - Lessons are now on Tuesdays and Fridays.

We had fantastic trips last term to Tatton Park and the MOSI!
We also enjoyed a super visit from Penny's mum, who kick started out study of South America by teaching us lots of information about her home country, Argentina! We enjoyed dancing, watching how to make Mate and trying Dulce de Leche! Yum!

This half-term, we have so far enjoyed trying a few more yummy South American foods and planning our own carnival!

COMING UP - China Day!!


In Year 4 children are encouraged to reach their full potential in every aspect of their learning and wider school achievements. They will learn to apply their initiative as they become more confident and independent learners.
As well as lessons providing children with a challenge, they are stimulating and fun! Children are given plenty of opportunities for ‘hands-on’ experiences as well as opportunities to share and exhibit their work.
Year 4 children are given the opportunity to take greater ownership over their learning this year and are encouraged to manage their own progress by working towards personal targets.
Having an enjoyment of learning is central to the ethos of year 4 and each child will receive the individual support and encouragement needed to be successful and proud of their achievements.
The best way you can help your child this year is to help them to complete their homework and to learn spellings and times tables each week.

On the rest of this page you will be able to find photographs, examples of children's work and information about what we are learning in class - including details of any exciting events or trips that are coming up!

Stay posted for updates.

Learning Goals

Our Topic work this half-term will be based around the theme of South America and we will then move on to learn about Ancient China. This topic has a strong focus Geography but also covers aspects of Science, Maths, Art/D&T, Drama, Music and English learning objectives. It gives children a chance to take ownership over their own learning: Throughout the term the class will carry out group projects based on a related theme of their own choice as well.

In Science, our work will also revolve around the theme of 'States of Matter'! We will focus on sorting solids, liquids and gases based on certain properties and will look at how the particles of materials in each of these three states differ. We will look at the reversible and irreversible changes that occur when materials melt, freeze or condense and children learn the scientific vocabulary to describe these. After a brief revision of previous objectives, investigations will be carried out to discover how temperature affects evaporation and condensation. Children will also attempt to recreate the water cycle! Children will use their skills and knowledge to organise and carry out experiments and investigations themselves, both independently and working in groups.

In English, we will initially be working on fiction and will be studying a fantasy story, The Spiderwick Chronicles! We will then move on to study News Reports. We will end by writing non-chronological reports! Throughout, children will develop their writing and editing skills and will apply subject specific vocabulary as well as their punctuation, grammar and spelling strategies to this. As well as reading and responding to a variety of texts, there will be plenty of opportunity for children to engage in drama and discussion.

In Maths, children will engage in a variety of mathematical challenges including word problems, practical activities and mental maths skills. As well as revising, recapping and developing upon many of the more challenging areas covered throughout last year, we will be holding weekly times tables challenges; a speedy recall of our times tables facts will help throughout the year as we cover new objectives. Ask your son/daughter about our times tables wall! A more detailed breakdown of our objectives can be obtained on request.
Homework is an important element of learning and will help children to consolidate their understanding of work carried out in class. It is designed to meet the needs of each child and you are strongly encouraged to support your child when he/she completes it.

Literacy will be given out on a Tuesday and handed in on a Friday and Numeracy homework will be given out on a Friday and given in on a Monday.
Alongside this work children will be given a set of spellings and times tables to learn which they will be tested on every Friday.
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