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message from the headteacherThank you for your marvellous attendance during the performances of this year's school show 'Golden Time'. Your support was very much appreciated.

As we come to the end of our school year, we would like to thank you for your support in so many events and occasions during the school year. Thank you.

Year 2 KM
I hope you all enjoy your break from school. If you are keen to work with your child over the week read together and ask them questions. It's really important that your child understands what the text is about not just being able to read the words.

Is it fiction or non-fiction?
Just reading the title, what does your child think the book might be about?
Where is the story set?
Can they understand how the character might be feeling?
How would your child react if they were in the situation in the story?
If one of characters in the story has a problem, how does your child think they should resolve it?
Can they predict what may happen next in the story using the information already given?
Did they like the story/text? Why/Why not?
What was their favourite part of the story? Why?

We will be continuing work on multiplication and division. So keep practising those times-tables at home. The quicker and more confident the children become the easier they will find the work and they will be able to tackle more challenges! I recommend the website hit the button as it is a race against the clock and they will be able to beat their own personal bests. Start with 2, 5 and 10s before moving onto the 3 and 4. We do a timed weekly times table test which also includes division, your child needs to be confident with both.

We are enjoying our daily mile and we've also started a reading buddy system with Year 4 AT. Photos to come!! :)

Year 2
In Year 2 we will be following on from the excellent work done in the Foundation Stage and Year 1. We will be helping the children to become more independent as they work. The children will be encouraged to check their own work and to get used to finishing their work to a deadline!

All children in Year 2 take part in SATs tests in May in reading, writing and maths. The best way you can help your child to prepare for the SATs is to continue hearing them read, helping them to complete their homework and to learn spellings each week. There will be a meeting in April to explain about the SATs in more detail.

Learning Goals
This Half-Term
Our focus this half-term is handwriting and presentation. All the children have now had a sheet to show you the cursive letter formation. I am very impressed with their joined up writing. Keep practising this at home too.

Maths work will now involve larger numbers and we are ordering and writing 3-digit numbers.

We have used the Oxford Owls website in school and it was very popular. It contains lots of free books to read online and tips to help support reading. You will find lots of reading scheme books on it and it will help keep the children reading over the holidays.
Here are a few reminders about routines in Year 2 -

Literacy and Numeracy homework is given on Wednesday and needs to be returned on Monday. (This gives us time to mark and prepare new homework.)

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and books will need to be returned on Thursday. Pupils need to write out each spelling three times and choose 5 words to write in a sentence.

Spelling tests are on Friday.
Pupils will also do a times table test on a Friday.

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