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message from the headteacherKey Diary Dates for this year are now available on the website. Please look within 'Policies and Information' to find out more.


Thank you!
Year 1 SC
Welcome to a new and exciting year!
We hope you all had a wonderful break over the summer and are feeling ready for all the new and exciting challenges that this year has to bring!

Our first topic is Kings, Queens and Castles. We will use traditional tales in English to explore characters, settings and typical features and begin our own story writing trying to include adjectives in our sentences. We will investigate different monarchs through history and compare a variety of everyday materials in Science, exploring their uses and linking with our topic (e.g. recognising while a castle may be made of stone, the door may be wood and the knocker may be metal and discussing why these choices may have been made). We are very excited to conclude this topic with a medieval banquet that we would like to invite parents/carers to with food, games, music and costumes! (Further details will be sent home in a letter).

Dates for the diary:

25th September- KS1 Curriculum Meeting
9th October - Year 1 trip to Beeston Castle
11th October- Y1SC class assembly
15th October - Y1 Medieval banquet

Learning Goals
In Year 1, the children participate in daily maths, phonics and English lessons and the children begin to take more responsibility for their own learning, working independently and in groups. In our afternoon sessions, much of our learning takes place through creative activities and planned play opportunities. As the year progresses, the children will begin working in a more and more structured way, in preparation for Yr 2. We try hard to ensure the move from Reception into Key Stage 1 is as smooth as possible.

Later in the year, the children will take part in a Phonics Screening Check. It is very important that school and home work closely together to support your child with their early reading skills. Please listen to your child read as often as possible and help them to learn their spellings each week.
Please use the phonics sounds in the middle of their reading records on a regular basis and help your child look out for these sounds when they are reading. Encourage them to use their phonics in their writing (children may attempt to spell some VERY DIFFICULT words and should use their sounds as a staring point i.e. 'j-igh-n-or-m-a-s' instead of 'ginormous', 'b-i-y-oo-t-i-f-u-ll' instead of 'beautiful'. At this stage in your child's learning, these spelling attempts are perfectly acceptable and you do not need to correct all of their efforts. Your child will learn alternative spellings for such words as the year progresses. To be in the best position possible, when taking the Phonics Screening Test, your child will need to recognise each sound quickly and confidently so regular reinforcment at home will prove invaluable. If you have any questions about the Phonics Screening Check, please speak with me at any time.

This year we are implementing a new homework policy.
Your child’s homework will relate to their current topic and offer a variety of tasks that allow parents/carers to engage with their children's learning.

Additionally, spellings will be sent home each week. These will be tested on Friday.

Thank you for all your support!
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