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message from the headteacher==STOP PRESS== YOUR SCHOOL PTA NEEDS YOU! ==STOP PRESS== Support your school at the PTA AGM on Wednesday 17th January 2018 in the School Hall. WE NEED YOUR HELP!
Reception Moon Beams

W/C Monday 4th December 2017

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the Christmas Fair this Saturday - thank you for coming along to support this fabulous event!

Now that we are into December we are concentrating on everything "Christmas" - letters to Santa, 3D shape present sorting, creating cards and decorations for the tree.

Invitations to attend our Christmas Celebration will come to you tomorrow - the little people have been practising songs and words so well in class and this week we move our rehearsals into the hall!

Thank you to all who have contributed to class fund - any further donations would be gratefully received.

A number of parents have approached me to offer help in class with the children's reading now that we have moved on to scheme books.
I shall send a letter out this week then once we have all volunteer replies we can set up a reading rota across both Reception classes.
Thank you for your eagerness and support to be Parents in Partnership - it makes a BIG difference to the little people!


This web page will be updated every half term with relevant information. There will also be a short update at the top of the page each week so make sure you keep checking!

Thank you for your support - Mrs Hardman



THURSDAY 14TH DECEMBER - FOUNDATION STAGE CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION 10.00am in the hall, followed by hot chocolate and mince pies in your little person's classroom.

REMINDER - Fund is £10.50 for this 7 full week half term - all donations gratefully accepted - you can send your fund in weekly or half termly, just approach myself or Mrs Ogden - Leigh, thank you.

At the start and end of each day one adult will stand at the classroom door; myself and classroom TA for that day alternate this role, the other adult will manage the children in the classroom.

As we now have so many entrance/exit doors we aim to have these closed and locked by 9.10am and 3.30pm each day.

It would help us greatly if you could support us by leaving the school building by these times each day - to ensure the safety of all children during the school day and whilst at after school club/activities.

Once the doors are locked we can then be assured that the only adults within the building are employed staff.

If you need to speak to a staff member at the start or end of a school day please do so at the classroom door - if you need further time we will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.

We pride ourselves on having a welcoming, open door policy at Oldfield Brow and understand that working in partnership with parents is essential, but as our school building and family grows we must be mindful of the safety of all our little people.

We thank you for your support.

Please take some time to explore the "children's work" section at the bottom of this page - again for safeguarding purposes I have not included your child's name - but if you sit with your little person he/she should be able to identify themselves even if you cannot! If you do not spot your son or daughter this week then look again next week ...

Please find the Autumn 1 term learning objectives in the 'E-bag' on the class page (scroll down and you'll find it on the right hand side.)

Remember that you can contact me on our dedicated email address for any queries - receptionoldfieldbrow@yahoo.co.uk


INDOOR PE KIT (this should be kept in school throughout the half term then taken home for washing during the half term break).

Please make sure all items of UNIFORM and PE KIT are labelled clearly with your child's name.

It is also a good idea to regularly check your little person's hair for signs of HEADLICE - if you do find any please inform myself or Mrs Ogden Leigh and we will send a letter home.

As always I thank you for your continued support.

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Learning Goals


This half term is all about CELEBRATIONS ...

Please see the ebag for this half term@s learning objectives and check to the top of this page for weekly updates.

Miss Pritchard will be in class each Thursday to do guided writing with the children.

We use the smartboard and PCs a lot and the children are particularly enjoying exploring the "busy things" website. If you would like your little person to access this site at home the login details are :

username home9482
password balloon5477


Reading scheme books will be changed each TUESDAY and FRIDAY.

Please read with your child each night and comment in the Reading Record book, remember to include other books you may have read at home for bedtime stories or just during quiet times that you have shared with your child.

Reading is all about the variety of experience your child has and developing a love of books at this age.

Please ensure your child has his/her book bag containing reading book, reading record and key word bag with them EVERY DAY as there may be times when parent readers are in to support and without a book your child may miss out on a valuable reading session.

Homework books will be sent home each WEDNESDAY now and we ask that they are returned to school each MONDAY please.

Sometimes the task set is a creative, practical or discussion one and other times you or your child will be asked to record in the book.

Whichever task you are doing we want you as a family to have fun sharing in your child's learning journey - homework is given to enhance your child's development and give you an insight to the learning activities we are doing in the classroom.

We thank you for your support.

Taylor Road | Altrincham | Cheshire | WA144LE | 0161 926 8646 | oldfieldbrowps@yahoo.co.uk