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message from the headteacherWelcome back to the Summer Term. As usual, there is much to look forward to over the next few months. Please see our 'Upcoming Events' section for more details.

Welcome to the Nursery Class webpage.

W/C Monday 16th April 2018

We have had a lovely first week back in school and have enjoyed lots of time playing and learning outside in the sunshine! This week our topic is ‘Growth and Mini Beasts’ so the weather was perfect for planting some potatoes outside! We’re looking forward to cooking them and eating them later in the year. We also got a very exciting package from the postman – some teeny tiny baby caterpillars! They are VERY hungry. We are going to watch them everyday and investigate how they turn into a butterfly!

W/C Monday 23rd April 2018

This week in Nursery we have loved watching our caterpillars grow! They are much bigger than they were last week. Liam thinks it will be two weeks until they form their cocoons. Isiah thinks that cocoons look like a very small croissants and Miss Brickhill and Mrs Plimmer agree!

Alongside observing our caterpillars grow, we have been doing lots of work where we listen to sounds and blend them together to make a word. We are getting very good at doing this!

We were also lucky to be visited by some ladybirds! However, our ladybirds were a bit sad because they didn’t have enough spots. We took turns to dress up as a fairy and worked together to magic 1 more spot for each ladybird. We thought very carefully about adding 1 and what that would equal.

W/C Monday 30th April 2018

Thank you for joining us at the beginning of this week for our Bookstart event. We loved being able to share our story and snack time with our grown-ups! We read ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ which has been one of our favourite books to read this term. We understand that some of our grown up couldn’t make it however, we were excited to share our special Bookstart packages with you!

Later in the week we had another exciting day because the eight baby chicks that Sunrays have been looking after came to visit us. They are living in a special tub called an incubator that keeps them warm. Our teachers brought the chicks to each of us to stroke – we used very gentle hands as they are very small!

Throughout the week we also continued to think about the life cycle of a butterfly and we were all very excited to make our very own butterfly lifecycle crafts. Maybe our caterpillars will have formed their cocoons after our hot bank holiday weekend!

W/C Monday 7th May 2018

What a fun week in Nursery! All of our caterpillars are now in their cocoons and this week we have made a poster to help everyone who comes into our classroom learn all about butterflies. Esther told us that they have very long tongues and Miss Brickhill explained that their long tongues help them to drink nectar from flowers. To help us understand how butterflies do this Miss Brickhill filled a special flower with nectar (sugar water) and we used straws as tongues. We had to fly up to the flower to drink the nectar.

We have also been using the cubes to measure our beanstalks. On Friday Nate found out that one of our beanstalks was 8 cubes tall. I wonder how much taller it will be on Monday…

This week we have also been getting ready for Reception by practising how to write our names. We are doing very well but we hope that you will also practise this at home with us to help us learn. Thank you grown ups!


REMINDER - Fund is £9.00 for this half term. All donations are gratefully accepted. You can send your fund in weekly or half termly, just approach myself or Mrs Plimmer, thank you.

Learning Goals
Summer A

The topic this term is 'Growth and Mini beasts'. We will be learning all about the different things that grow during the spring and the lifecycles of various things including beans and butterflies!

Please see the E-bag for this half terms learning objectives.

The children have been getting used to using the PC's and smartboard at school and have enjoyed playing on the 'busy things' website. This website is fantastic as it covers many areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage and the children love it! If you would like your little person to access the site whilst at home the login details are:-

username home9482
password balloon5477
Library books will be changed each Monday and Friday.

We really hope you and your little person enjoy reading these books together and that you share many other books at home. Fostering a love of reading at such an early age is so important in developing future literacy skills. If you wish to change your library book at any other time during the week please approach myself or Mrs. Plimmer.

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