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Welcome to the Nursery Class webpage.

W/C Monday 8th January 2016

This week we have had lots of fun playing with our Arctic small world scene. Lots of different types of animals live in the Arctic including polar bears and penguins. It is very, very cold in the Arctic. We thought about how the animals who live there keep warm. Mrs. Moody told us that many arctic animals have a layer of blubber to help keep them warm. Blubber is like a layer of fat underneath their skin. Our teachers helped us to understand how blubber keeps the animals warm. First some of us put our hands in icy water – it was so cold! Then we took our hands out of the water so that our teachers could cover our hands in blubber (vegetable fat). We then put our blubber covered hands back into the icy water and realised how well the blubber stopped us feeling the icy temperature!
This week we also met a new friend in Nursery his name is Metal Mike. He is very greedy and eats lots of strange things! He also speaks like a robot so we have to use our special listening skills to find out which food he is asking for, for example he told us he wanted to eat a c – a – t, we had to listen to the letter sounds carefully and push them together to realise he wanted to eat a cat! When we do this type of work it is called blending sounds and it will help us become fantastic readers.


REMINDER - Fund is £7.50 for this half term. All donations are gratefully accepted. You can send your fund in weekly or half termly, just approach myself or Mrs Plimmer, thank you.

Remember that you can contact me on our dedicated email address for any queries - obpsnursery@yahoo.com

Learning Goals
Spring 1

The topic this term is ‘People Who Help Us. We will be learning about all of the different ways lots of people help us including doctors, opticians, guide dogs, fire fighters and police. To help us learn about the important jobs of doctors our role play area has become a doctor's surgery. This provides lots of opportunities to learn all about the human body. There are also lots of opportunities to write as we will have to write out appointment cards and prescriptions for all of our sick patients! If you have any books about people who help us at home, please bring them into share!

Please see the E-bag for this half terms learning objectives.

The children have been getting used to using the PC's and smartboard at school and have enjoyed playing on the 'busy things' website. This website is fantastic as it covers many areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage and the children love it! If you would like your little person to access the site whilst at home the login details are:-

username home9482
password balloon5477
Library books will be changed each Monday and Friday.

We really hope you and your little person enjoy reading these books together and that you share many other books at home. Fostering a love of reading at such an early age is so important in developing future literacy skills. If you wish to change your library book at any other time during the week please approach myself or Mrs. Plimmer.

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